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How to plan for wedding rehearsal?

As you organize wedding rehearsal, it is possible to get familiarity with wedding ceremony procedures so that you will not commit any mistake on the big day. It is possible to ensure that every task will be managed by the assigned party in a very efficient manner. When you conduct a wedding rehearsal, the odds will be minimized. This is also a huge help for your wedding photographer to get a chance to see your ceremony beforehand. 

Organizing a rehearsal

You might want to know who should be present at the wedding rehearsal. You can include everyone in the wedding party, the parents and officiant in the wedding rehearsal. The people who present special songs or speech on the wedding day should be present for the rehearsal. The rehearsal should be directed by a professional coordinator. A novice will also perform the job in a very efficient way.

There will be better results when you can manage a photographer at the rehearsal. The corrections (if any) can be done very easily and high quality photos can be captured in an effortless manner. It is very much important to have professional photographer and the photographer should be guided by your close friend so that all the important events will be captured in the best possible way.

Implement the plan

The wedding plan that you have prepared in advance should be implemented. There will be major elements in the ceremony. The start time and end time should be mentioned clearly so that the plan will be implemented without any delay.

The music choices that you had made should be remembered and you should ensure that they are played without fail. The written plan should be circulated among the organizers. You should bring good quality audio CDs/DVDs as well so that they can be played when the live performance cannot address your music requirements.

The sitting positions should be planned. The bride and groom will be positioned in the front and the officiant will be behind them. The bride and groom should face each other so that better photos can be captured by photographers and it will be visible to audience as well.

The photographer should capture snaps where bridesmaids hold bouquets and the groomsmen holding their hands back. You can exercise a different posture. However, you should ensure that all the men or women should pose in the same way so that there will be uniformity.

The standing position of the flower girl, ring bearer and other arrangements should be verified. The parents of flower girls should be allowed to sit nearer to them so that they will be readily available to take care of their needs.


The officiant will enter the picture when everyone takes their positions. It is customary to light a candle in some communities. If you have included the element, a practice is necessary so that bride and groom will be able to perform the unity task without any issues. The officiant should move on a side and it should be confirmed in advance so that the train will not be touched. The maid of honor should be able to straighten the train when you are back in place. She should manage the feat while holding her bouquet as well as your bouquet.

The readings should be presented and you should practice it so that there will not be any confusion on the special day. If there are special songs in the ceremony, they should be played at proper time. The standing position of the singer, introduction of bride and groom, the release of dove/butterfly, the time and guidance given by officiant to guests should be sorted out. There will be many details which will be discussed in rehearsal and your needs should be fulfilled in a very efficient way.

The bride and groom will lead the wedding party out of the ceremony area. In some cases, the flower girl will take the lead. When you are moving out of the area, you should pose some snaps. Hence, are required to wait at some locations as per the request of the photographer. The entrance or procession should be practiced. While the parents are seated, appropriate music should be played. The officiant, groom, best man and groomsmen enter and take their places. When the bride is on the altar, she should hand-off from father to the groom.

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